South America

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1. Colombia: Is the only country of South America surrounded by two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic). There are regions completely unlike from each other: forests, mountains, beaches with crystalline waters and white sands. The island of San Andres with its “sea of seven colors” and Santa Marta beaches where sun, sea and snow get together, are highlights. The capital Bogota has a lot of art, fashion and shopping options. Historical Heritage of Humanity by the colonial farmsteads and the city walls, the friendly city of Cartagena das Índias, impress the most demanding visitors.

2 Ecuador: The Galapagos archipelago, crib of Charles Darwin experiences, until now is the dwelling place of iguanas, giant turtles, many species of birds, and one of the most import sites of Ecuador. Everyone knows about the influence that the indigenous culture has on these people, but a lot don’t know the attractions of this country, which had a big development in the few past years, such as the volcanoes route, the chocolate route, the gastronomy and that the Panama hat has been done by the Indian since the 17th century, neither.

3. Peru: Machu Picchu, the lost city of Incas, maybe is the most import Peru’s attraction. Located close to Andes mountains, surrounded by valleys, lakes, and with an unforgettable visual, providing trails, train rides and visits to temples and villages. Lima, the capital and its gastronomy, Titicaca lake and Nazca Lines are others important highlights.

4. Chile: "A crazy geography!" (Pablo Neruda). In more than 4 thousand km of extension, from north to south, 145 km average width and mountains hitting more than 6800 m height, allow you a little of everything: fascinating and very diversified landscapes, since cold mountains of Andes, till the arid Atacama Desert, ski centers, thermal waters, vineyards even volcanoes.

5. Bolivia: The opulence of landscapes at Andes, colors, traditions and archeology make this one, one of the most interesting and different countries of South America. With so many particularities, including to be the highest of the region, instigate curiosity, mainly related to the strong structured culture in indigenous habits of different ethnicities which still are almost half of the population. Just the Salar de Uyuni justifies the trip, but there are much more: Valle de la Luna, Laguna Verde, Titicaca Lake, an infinity of museums and markets, among others.

6. Argentina: For all tastes. Start in the streets of Buenos Aires to observe architecture, go shopping, taste a chorizo beef, and learn Tango. Continue by the wineries in Mendoza, play with snow in Bariloche, and contemplate the awesome landscapes of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

7. Uruguay: It's hard to believe, that in a small area, a country could get together the colonial and the modern, the rural and the urban, in a complementary way. The historical center of Montevideo shows the delight of history and culture. In the charming city of Colônia de Sacramento, typical Portuguese city of 17th century time seems stopped, as opposed to the vanguardist and luxurious seaside resort of Punta del Este.

8. Brazil: Immense wealth and cultural diversity. Exuberant nature. Population formed by all peoples of the world, cheerful, happy, open. Traditional and Vanguard architecture coexist with historical monuments. The combination of the various musical styles with typical cuisine, resulting in unique regional parties.